Your Prayer Life is a Reflection of your Relationship with God-Guest Post

Relationships. From the moment of our birth, every one of us has been in a relationship. There was the first relationship with our parents, and then possibly siblings. Some of us even had those imaginary relationships as a toddler with our “special friend.”  Maybe they had tea with you as you played with your tea set or barbies. Possibly they joined you in your tree house or in your  homemade fort created with blankets that you had built as your hideout.

As you got older, you’d gravitate to a real best friend. Someone you could actually see, play and grow up with. There were birthday parties, sleepovers, camp outs, and fun field trips at school. Your relationships have grown a lot since those days; as some of you fell in love, got married, and had children of your own. God has created us with the need to be in relationships.How is your Prayer relationship with God? Get your copy here:

I have found out the hard way there is one relationship that is more important than any other and that is your relationship with God. He loved us so much that He sent His Son as a sacrifice for ALL our sins.

You hear the term “free gift of salvation” and it  free. Jesus wants us to accept His gift but He paid a horrific price to give us the opportunity to commune with Him. Oh such unconditional love!

For years I took His love for granted and I did not seek God in prayer. When I think back of those times of rebellion and selfishness , I know how much I hurt Him. I thank Him for His grace and His patience with me.

I want to show Him How much I love Him and talk with Him as often as I can. Speaking of talking with someone, let me share a quick story but first; my friend, Susan B. Mead, has welcomed me to share this post on her site. You can read the entire post by clicking here.Make Prayer a Priority in your Life. Doing so, deepens your relationship with God

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  1. Horace I look back too and my prayer life was not what it should have been. GRACE for us all. It’s so true He is the one that should be our best friend and honestly He is mine.


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