Why my Heart was Hurting as I watched the Grammys

Why my Heart was Hurting while I watched the GrammysI have loved music as long as I can remember. Growing up in a Christian home, my mother played Christian radio always. As a teenager growing up in Houston, my rebellious heart grew tired of constantly hearing Sandi Patti. (whom I now enjoy listening to)  and others. I wanted to explore the fantastic world of music.

Due to family circumstances, I had to get a hardship driver’s license at fifteen so I could drive my siblings to school. Both of my parents worked downtown, and the private school we attended was twenty plus miles from our home. One evening I was hanging out in my room, and my mother was heading out.

Before she had left the driveway, she returned with a shocked look on her face.  I had left my cassette tape of the music legend, Prince in the car. It was his Controversy album. Without saying much, she approached me while ripping out the tape from the cassette. I didn’t react to her theatrics as most rebellious teenagers behave at times. ( I was glad I still had my small transistor radio to listen to my choice of music as I would doze off to sleep.)

A Change of Heart

Fast forward, a few decades. Christian music now makes my heart sing!  According to my Spotify for 2019, my Christian/Inspirational playlist were the most played songs of 2019. I love the playlists that I’ve created. The number of Christian/Gospel songs I have downloaded compared to popular music is now 70/30. Which leads me to the Grammys.

Because I’m usually writing something for a book, my website, or writing out a script for the podcast, I don’t watch too much live TV. (Thank God for my DVR because I hate commercials.) However, I taped a preview of some of the artists nominated for Grammy awards. The interviews were fascinating, and their music was exciting- Some of the music I enjoyed and added to my Spotify. I was committed to watching the award show to see if any of them would win. I also like to find new/songs and artists to download.

Troubled Hearts

One of the reasons I love music is because it’s a form of creative expression-much like writing. On multiple occasions, readers have mentioned how much they enjoyed reading the stories in my books. Musicians tell stories with the words in their music. There was a young lady who sang at the Grammys asking the question, ” Is anybody listening to me…God, are you listening?” It was later revealed that she wrote the song a few days before almost dying from a drug overdose.Christ died for the ungodly

And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.. For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ  died for the ungodly. -Romans 5:5-6

Another young woman, stated in the previously mentioned interview show, that she thought she wouldn’t make it to 17. She felt that she would be the reason that she’d be dead before her 17th birthday. Now at age 18, she won the Grammys four most significant awards. The young lady was surprised as she accepted the awards. She stood up there with an embarrassed look of humility. She has a beautiful voice, and I even downloaded a few of her songs, but my heart was heavy for her, and several of the musicians recognized that night. They seem to have a void in their hearts that only God can fill.


God wants our Heart

There are so many people in this world(not just artists) who seem to be unaware of how much God loves them. It took me decades to fully grasp the depths of Christ’s love for me. That is my motivation to write and share my God-inspired thoughts on the podcast. I want people to know there’s a God who loves us unconditionally. A God who hears our cries when we come to Him with a repentant, humble heart. A God who desires what is best for us. Most importantly, a God whose love is everlasting. God wants a committed relationship with each of us. Are you willing and ready to commit?Seek God and rejoice in Him

Let all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; and let those who love your salvation say continually, “Let God be magnified…” -Psalm 70:4

Hearts at Home

In closing, we must remember the lost ones in our spheres of influence. Those who are close to home-loved ones, family, and friends. We have to not only pray for them but be an example of what the love of Christ looks like: Kindness, gentleness, and especially faithfulness. Be there for them when needed. Regardless of how we’re feeling or what we are facing-be there for them.

So bloom where you are planted. God wants you to be a beacon of hope for the lost, hurting, and confused who are searching as they walk the path of life. Nourish the ones you love with the fruit that only God can provide, and maybe just maybe there will be fewer hearts who are hurting.


With a Joyful heart,

Horace Williams, Jr.

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6 thoughts on “Why my Heart was Hurting as I watched the Grammys”

  1. I have t watched the Grammys for years (I like the music, could do without the dancing—the last time I watched, Prince and crew were dancing ). We never know who is searching for Jesus, and you’re right, our lives should always point to the Answer.

    • Hello, and welcome back, Anita. Thanks for stopping by today. They did a tribute for Prince at this year’s Grammys. I agree, we never know who may be searching, so let’s be the beacons of hope that God entrusted us to be. Thanks again for sharing. Have a fantastic Sunday, and God bless you.

  2. I’ll never forget the look on my mom’s face when she got in the car after me and AC/DC’s Highway to Hell came over the radio on 96Rock. I quickly learned to make sure the radio was changed back to WAVO a BBN station before getting out of the car.

    I was just reading Psalm 105 this morning. A review chapter of what God did for the children of Israel. Every time they moved away from the Lord, he brought them back, because he LOVED them. It mentioned how we are to keep telling others about what God does for us. People are seeking something. They will never find what they really need in God, if we don’t tell them.

    Thanks, Horace, for sharing about the love of God and what He is doing in your life.

    • Haha. That’s too funny, Lori. A lot of my friends and school mates were fans of that song as well. Dear sister in Christ, what a blessing for us both to be on the “narrow path” leading up to Heaven. Thanks for sharing and for the visit. Have a fantastic day and God bless you and yours.

  3. God has always reached me through music. I recently had a free 3-month subscription to Amazon Music and loved being able to listen to my favorite Christian songs again and again without commercials! Thanks for sharing these stories, Horace. May we always be aware of God’s tug on our hearts to listen to each other and to him.

    • Hey Lisa. It’s always a blessing to hear from you. Yes, there is something about listening to my Christian music that lifts my spirits. I am striving to be more sensitive to the still small voice of my Savior. May we always be ready and willing to listen to Him. Thanks again for the visit. Have a wonderful weekend, and God bless you and your family.


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