TRUST GOD with ALL Your Heart, or do You Have a Better Idea?

TRUST GOD. Confidence. Hope. Faith. All those words and several questions rattled around in my brain after God revealed His “word” for me in 2023. What was God’s plan for me this year? What does He want me to “trust” Him about? Is this going to be painful?

Even though doctors and nurses have been highly impressed by my pain tolerance, it doesn’t mean I enjoy it! Have you read my last book?

TRUST GOD with ALL Your Heart, or do you have a Better Idea?


What Trust God Means to Me

Anyway, back to my word, trust. If you have followed me all this year, you know I’ve been diagnosed with a large kidney stone in my left kidney. A procedure has been recommended, but the pre-screening process has been tedious. I want to believe the doctors are being thorough, but I’m more inclined to believe they are covering their …bases.

The fact that the surgeon requires me to have multiple heart tests before the surgery leads me to believe this is not a “minor” procedure. I told my mother I was postponing the surgery until my newest book was published. It was supposed to post on April 4. However, frustrating delays beyond my control pushed things back.

I have continued to do things to care for my kidneys, from getting additional stones for the most part. Thankfully, God has kept me from any pain from the kidney. A few days ago, I  told my mother I would trust  God, praying to avoid the procedure.

I don’t want to spend time in a hospital if I can avoid it. “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!”

Why is Trust so Important?

So, my newest book, a sequel to my award-winning book on the power of prayer, was delayed. As much as I wanted to believe I was walking in the will of God, the delays led to doubts. I began questioning myself, asking, “Was it You, Lord”? Even though I rarely write or record anything without inspiration from Him, the enemy was busy trying to attack me with doubt and distractions.

But to trust God requires FAITH. If you want to experience His power in your life, you must believe in Him. Click To Tweet

When you have trust, then you have OBEDIENCE. You obey God’s leading despite the devil’s delays, challenges, and fiery darts. I am a tremendous fan of the late great Dr. Charles Stanley. I watch his church services on Sundays in addition to my church services. I get his daily devotions via email and watch him on YouTube early in the morning. He went home to Jesus at the age of 90 on April 18. He always loved saying this and lived it too.

Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.”Dr. Charles F.  Stanley.

Look at what the great prophet and priest Samuel said to King Saul before God ripped his kingdom from him.

But Samuel replied: “Does the LORD delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the LORD? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams. 1 Samuel 15:22.TRUST GOD with ALL your heart, or do you have a Better Idea?

To obey is better than sacrifice. Are you willing to trust God in EVERY circumstance and leave all the consequences to Him? Do you think God rewards obedience? Think about it.


When you have faith, you believe God wholeheartedly. By believing Him, you position yourself to receive everything He wants to give you and through your faith-filled prayers, you can help others to receive God’s best as well.”William McDowell, The Only Answer is Prayer.

Speaking of Prayer

By the grace and inspiration of God, my newest book was published on May 19, 2023! It is a sequel to my award-winning book on the power of prayer. I wanted to do a Study Guide to encourage readers to examine their prayer life. How can you be sure God hears your prayers? Are your prayers powerful? Does God hear your prayers? These are just a few of the questions I want to answer, walk alongside, and help you have powerful prayers. Here is an endorsement from my mentor, supporter, and dear friend, Melanie Redd.TRUST GOD with ALL Your heart. or do you have a BetterIidea?


Horace Williams Jr. has done it again! This precious man has created an awesome resource about the power of prayer. Daily verses, words of wisdom, thought-provoking questions, and plenty of places to write. This study guide has it all!”

-Melanie Redd, Best-selling author, speaker, blogger, and podcaster.

The first thing that comes to mind is gratitude. God continues to answer my prayers in His Perfect Timing.

I cannot stress the importance of teaching yourself to wait on God. Now that doesn’t mean you sit around twiddling your thumbs. Dr. David Jeremiah says, “Waiting on God is doing everything you can do, and then let God do everything you cannot do.” You have to stay busy going about doing God’s will.

Here is what Dr. Stanley says about waiting on God.

Waiting signifies an expectant endurance that’s demonstrated by a directed, purposeful, active, and courageous attitude of prayer. That expectant endurance means we won’t make a move without the Lord’s guidance…Rather than concentrating on what we’re waiting for, we’ll focus on the Father, who has the best plan for our lives. Dr. Charles F. Stanley, Waiting on God.

So, What’s Your Plan?

So, friend, are you willing to trust God, or do you have a better idea? Are you ready to surrender your will to the God who loves you unconditionally and has the best plan for your life? Or do you “think” your ideas are better? Stop and think before you answer.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9. NIVTRUST GOD with ALL Your Heart, or do you have a Better Idea?


I hope this post has made you stop and think about how important it is to TRUST GOD. Not just in challenging or difficult times, but begin trusting Him the moment you wake up each day. Ask Him what His will for you is before arranging your schedule. His desire is for you to glorify Him by being salt and light in the ever-darkening world. But when you trust the Lord, there is no telling what He can do with your life! Increasing your faith, an obedient heart that gives you His peace,  experiencing God’s power in your life, and so many more rich benefits come from trusting Him. TRUST GOD, friend. You won’t regret it!


In Christ,

Horace Williams Jr.

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8 thoughts on “TRUST GOD with ALL Your Heart, or do You Have a Better Idea?”

  1. Thank you for sharing your personal journey of trusting God in the midst of health challenges and delays in publishing your book. Your words are a powerful reminder that trust in God leads to obedience and peace, even in difficult circumstances. It’s easy to let doubts and distractions cloud our faith, but when we choose to trust God and seek His will, we open ourselves up to His power and blessings in our lives. I appreciate your encouragement to start each day with trust in God and to let Him guide our schedules and goals. May we all learn to trust Him more and see His faithfulness in our lives.

  2. So much truth in this post! I have your first book on my Kindle; but for whatever reason have yet to read it – but I am going to start today. The more I learn about the power of prayer; the more I am in awe of God’s connection and love for us! Of course we will trust Him. Nope, I don’t have a better idea!

  3. Thank you for being so transparent with sharing your health journey and how God carries you through all the pain and the unknowns. You are very brave and I know God is using your faith and your obedience to reach many for His glory! You are so right about obedience, we always think we know better how to move forward, at least I tend to do that and end up going off on rabbit trails that the Lord has to bring me back from. Trusting God today in my life and growing in gratitude as I look for Him to work in my life in His timing. Blessings dear brother and congrats on your newest book … 🙏🙏🙏

    • When I first felt God’s leading to share my writing with the world, I asked Him for the courage to be transparent. That was the only way readers could genuinely grasp what He continues to do in my life. His grace, strength, and wisdom allow me to share my testimony of faith. Thank you for visiting, Donna. I pray my book blesses you. Have a fantastic week!

  4. Excellent My Brother! There is no Plan B for the Christian. We must trust God in all things! I love how you tie trusting with obedience. Sometimes we think trust is an “option”, but to God it is obedience!

    • Thank you, sister. The word “TRUST ” has been an interesting one for sure during the first half of this year. But I’ve wanted to embrace the word as well. Living in obedience is essential to being fruitful as a Christian. I want to live a life of obedience especially when it comes to trusting God. Always a blessing to hear from you, Donna. Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you and yours.


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