The Painful Pressures of Life:God has a Purpose

Pressure. What is your first thought when you read or hear the word? What about these: difficulties, demands, burdens, stress, or tension? Do those words mean anything to you? Feeling pressure is not something we enjoy experiencing. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this, but decades ago I attended culinary school. In my twenties, …

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Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?


Why does God allow pain and suffering?  As I mention on my “About me” page,  I was so confused every night as I lay in the hospital bed having suffered a massive stroke in the summer of 2010.  This is the question that I asked myself as I lay with my entire left side paralyzed in the hospital bed every night.  I was terrified, worried, and upset.

While going through the shock and denial of it all, I finally began to understand that there was a reason God allowed the stroke to occur. I know it sounds crazy but the stroke was the best thing that happened in my life!  I want to share with you 5 specific reasons that I God allows pain and suffering in our lives all of which I’ve experienced. I pray it will be encouraging and also a help to yourself or loved one when they are suffering.Why does God allow Pain and Suffering

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