Power of Prayer Study Guide

Wow! What did you think of this Study Guide? I remember the fear and trepidation I experienced when I felt God encouraging me to write a book about the power of prayer. However, that fear was overcome by my desperate desire to inspire people to pray!

Book Cover for Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Life by Horace Williams Jr.

It’s my hope and prayer to encourage you to pray about everything and anything God puts in your heart. Most importantly, I don’t want to tell you how or what to pray about. This book is intended to inspire you to pray with purpose, focus, and determination. And to live a life of praying without ceasing.

Prayer is personal between you and God. Listen to the Holy Spirit’s prompting in your heart and cry out to your heavenly Father about anything. I want to inspire you to develop your communication language with God. A God who loves you deeply, cares for you consistently and protects you without fail.

Hopefully, the questions and scripture verses inspired you to look within and help prepare your heart to speak with your Savior. And in doing so, your relationship with Christ will grow deeper and your love for Him even more robust, and you, too, will experience the power of prayer in your life!

Thank you for reading the Power of Prayer Study Guide with Prayer Prompts. As promised and to help you in your prayer life journey, here are Seven Scriptures of Hope that you can download for FREE. Please remember to return where you purchased this inspirational guide and leave your five-star review. (Amazon, GoodReads, BookBub.) Thanks again, and God bless.