A New Year is here and NO pointless Resolutions!

Now before you start thinking that I’ve decided to spend the New Year in a Lazy boy chair watching TV all year with no ambitions, let me explain.   I understand there are tangible benefits for setting measurable, realistic goals.  Most of my life I was blessed to earn a good living in sales and marketing.  Almost every year  I was asked to comprise a list of resolutions or goals both personal and professional.New Year with No Resolutions

In March of last year as I was packing to move, I was alarmed by the bushels of paper and the numerous lists of resolutions from the past several years.  Some made me laugh and some made me cry.(I still want to lose 30 lbs.)  So currently there sits in storage enough paper to start my own landfill!

I have always been a planner and I love setting goals for myself.  I was blessed to pay off my dream car early and was producer of the year on several occasions but to what end?  The dream car was totaled and all my trophies sit in a bin in my sister’s garage.

Even during stroke recovery, I would try to set goals like; I want to be able to sit up in 3 months or stand up in 6 and walking within a year.   I learned the hard way that there is no set time table when it comes to stroke recovery.  Even my physical therapists would give me a blank, heartfelt stare when I would ask how long?  What was the point of it all?

As I continue to travel this winding road of both physical and spiritual transformation, I was introduced last month via some amazing Christian bloggers about choosing a word for the year.   In my mind I thought a word? Really just ONE WORD?  Hmm sounds interesting.  I was definitely curious.

What about the notebooks, binders, and vision statements?  Not even a quarterly status report?  The more I read about this I asked God to give me a word for the New Year.  I admit that at first I had 3 words or rather it was more of a statement. I continued to pray as December was closing out and then it came to me…one word!

I could not believe it!  I was so excited.. I asked God are you sure Lord?  The more I thought about it, my mind and heart was opened to why God chose this word for me.  It became as clear as the clarity of a ideal princess cut diamond!  My word of the year is ….. 


Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established. Proverbs 16 3

Commit; Pledge or bind a person to a certain course.  To devote, dedicate. The diamond is the ultimate sign that a commitment has taken place. I want to remember each day of the year my commitment to Christ.  I am bound to Him and I want everyone that comes in contact with me see my commitment!

I have never been married and truly in love only twice but that was years ago.  Now when I think of commit, I am reminded of God’s love and all He has done for me.  He has shown His commitment even while I was still a lump of coal. I want to shine bright like a diamond as God continues to refine me.

I want to commit to doing my best for His glory. Asking Him how I can be of service each day and trusting His guidance.  Look at this incredible promise from the one I am committing to!

   Commit your work unto the Lord and your plans will be established.

   Proverbs 16:3

So only a few days into the New Year the word commit is constantly on my mind as I think about the one I love more than anything.  I want to commit all of me so that He is glorified in everything I think, say, or, do.  

I know that there will be “stumbles” that may bounce me off course but I am thankful for the word that He has given me as a reminder of our love for each other.  No more notebooks or  pointless lists because this word is written on my heart!

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30 comments on “A New Year is here and NO pointless Resolutions!

Hello, Horace,

I am so excited you chose a word and “COMMIT” is perfect.
And like you I didn’t know about the one word till this year.
So I chose “Believe” as I need to Believe in God and also myself.

    Horace Williams Jr Post author

    Thanks for the visit and the comment Glenda! Welcome! Yes I am so thankful that God gave me a word for 2016. I am “committed” to glorifying Him in all that I do going forward. Thanks again for the visit and may God richly bless you and yours as you believe in and trust Him!

Horace, so glad you were introduced to “one word.” I love to pray for the Lord to put one focus prominently on my heart each year. Not that there aren’t always other lessons that He has for us, but I love to ask Him for that one focal point each year. Some years, it’s a word I like..others, not so much. 🙂 But, every year, I grow b/c of that one little word commitment. I can’t wait to hear how your word impacts you this year. “Commit” — love that–great 2016 word. 😀 ((blessings))

    Horace Williams Jr Post author

    Thanks for visiting today and your comment Brenda! Yes I too am excited to see God’s plan for me in 2016 as I commit to seeking Him each day! Thanks again for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

Thank you Horace. If you don’t mind I think I will steal your word. Commit, what a wonderful word and so needed in our personal lives, but also in families. I must say as a Pastor I need to commit deeper to my church and I also want the Church to commit deeper to one another. Great post.

    Horace Williams Jr Post author

    Haha….welcome Pastor Frost! Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you understand my word for the year. I feel in my heart that God wants us to show commitment to Him in all that we do. When we do that much is accomplished for the Kingdom and He is glorified!

What a wonderful word, Horace. I want to join you in committing everything I do for the glory of God. I pray the Lord blesses you more abundantly this year. Thank you for sharing your word with Thankful Thursdays.

    Horace Williams Jr Post author

    Thanks Lori! Always great to hear from you. Please join in with me… we can support and encourage each other going forward! I am excited to see how God works in our lives in 2016. Blessings to you and yours my friend!

Commit is a lovely word to use to guide you this year. I think in this day and age, so few people choose to commit to each other or things. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom at the Over the Moon Link Party.

    Horace Williams Jr Post author

    Thanks Sandy for the visit and the comment. I appreciate the opportunity to share. My commitment to Christ is most important. Excited to see where He leads this year. Blessings to you and yours in 2016!

Hey, Horace! Happy New Year, albeit a couple of weeks into the new. Aren’t you wise to press in? I hadn’t heard of the “one word” thing either – until last year. Mine is a phrase. See? I’m still not onboard w/one word! “Stay the course” is what set before me. I love yours. Commit. Boy, can I see you doing that! “Commit; Pledge or bind a person to a certain course.” There is a course written for you, Horace. He has it plain as day, lovingly situated, layed out just for you. Can’t wait to see what all that includes and where this committed relationship takes you and how it honors our loving Father.

    Horace Williams Jr Post author

    Hey Kristi! So great to hear from you and Happy New Year as well! I am excited about the one word thing for 2 reasons. 1-it’s much easier to remember and 2-I am looking forward to seeing how God continues to work in my life for His glory! Who knows…next year it may be a phrase but I will take each day the Lord blesses at a time;) Thanks again for visiting and may God richly bless you in 2016! Have a wonderful weekend!


OMG!!!! This is my word as well! Well urs is “commit” mines is commitment still the same thing though. Its amazing though because this special word was liike trying to get my attention and my absolute ONLY goal this years is to COMMIT! And boy oh boy has God been working miracles for me! This post truly resonates I couldnt agree with you more. Thank you for sharing now I must share! May your year be filled with happiness, joy, abundance and success!

    Horace Williams Jr Post author

    Thanks for your visit Moe! I am glad you enjoyed the post and it resonated with you. Yes when we make a commitment to Christ and seek Him, He will bless and help us through the difficult times. Thank you for your comment and for sharing. May God richly bless you and yours in all your endeavors in 2016!

Love it, Horace! “Commit” is such a great word and your spirit and perspective behind it is so incredible. Isn’t amazing that God brings us confirmation of that word over and over – through His word, by His Spirit. Looking forward to watching you commit your ways to Him. Blessings, friend.

    Horace Williams Jr Post author

    Yes.. I am excited to see where God takes me this year and how He wants to use me to glorify Him. I am beyond thankful for all He has done for me and I want to show my commitment to Him every day. I’m praying for the strength to do so. hanks for visiting Tiffany and I hope you return soon. Blessings to you and yours!

Horace, I love how you said your word for the year was written on your heart. When God writes on our hearts, we know we are listening. I want my life to reflect Him in all I do too. Bless you, Horace. Your writing certainly reflects your love for Jesus.

    Horace Williams Jr Post author

    Thanks Debbie for visiting and your comment. Yes,even though I would love it if God spoke to me audibly like He did in Biblical times, I am thankful that His spirit lives within me. He provides me with the grace and strength to accomplish God’s will for my life. Have a blessed week!

Welcome to the ‘One-Word’ band wagon, Horace. 🙂 I love how God revealed your word to you — and what a word it is. Having one word doesn’t do away with goals altogether but just as you’ve seen, God has a way of writing our words (His words) on our hearts. It’s another amazing way that God speaks softly to us. Isn’t that awesome?

    Horace Williams Jr Post author

    Thanks Marva. I am thankful that God has revealed to my heart this word commit. I know that He wants me to represent Him in all that I do and to glorify Him and to that I am committed! Thanks for the visit. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Horace, so happy you found a word! Yay for you! I love “commit” and God will certainly use that word to guide and lead you in 2016. I love your diamond analogy, very beautiful.

    Horace Williams Jr Post author

    Thanks Crystal! I was just talking with my mother today and we were commenting on how finding a word was new for both of us until a month ago but we are both thankful that God has revealed a word for 2016. I am exited to see how God will work through me this year and going forward. Blessings to you!

Horace, what a wonderful word! Love this: “He has shown His commitment even while I was a lump of coal!” Amen! Such truth there – what a wonderful, gracious God we serve! Great post!

Nothing better than God’s word to you written on your heart. I love the word “commit,” Horace, and all it stands for. Looking forward to hearing what God does in and through you with your one word. Thank you, friend, for sharing your heart at #IntentionalTuesday. : )

    Horace Williams Jr Post author

    Amen Crystal! I am excited to see how God will use me for His glory in 2016! It has been such an eye opening experience to discover my word for this year. It is my heart’s desire to show my commitment to my Savior so that people are blessed, helped,and encouraged. Have a wonderful week my friend and thanks again for the opportunity to share what God lays on my heart!

I love your word, Horace! All to often we forget that those shiny diamonds form out of extreme compression. We need to commit ourselves fully to whatever compressing and squeezing God might have for us in order to shine his love more brilliantly. May God be with you on your journey!

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