How to be an Effective Ambassador for Jesus

So the New Year euphoria is dwindling and now it’s time to begin focusing on our commitments for this year.  Did you know that we have already been assigned the most important task ever?  As Christians, we have been tasked with being ambassadors for Jesus!

While doing research for this post,   I was deciding which adjective to use in describing an ambassador for Jesus.  I had narrowed down to just two but when I looked at the meanings of “effective”, it I knew that this was the one!

Effective: 1. capable to accomplish a purpose 2. actually in operation 3. producing a deep or vivid impression 4. prepared and available for service.

When I first started writing this blog, I never thought of it as a ministry and definitely did not think of myself as an ambassador.  I had a burning passion to share how God rescued me from a path of destruction and desperation transforming my life.

I began involving myself with other bloggers to see what I could learn.  Reading their posts impacted me tremendously.  I want to become a better writer to help and encourage others. I want to make an impact in others’ lives too.  It is no longer just about me and my story.  It is all about GLORIFYING GOD!

Just last week I was having my morning quiet time with God and came across this verse.  It struck me like a bolt of lightning!Be an effective ambassador for Jesus Christ

So we are Christ’s ambassadors.  God is making His appeal through us.  We speak for Christ when we plead, come back to God.” 2 Corinthians 5:20.

Wow!  Just think about that for a minute…we SPEAK for CHRIST.  I am humbled and thankful that God gave me the desire to write about my love for Him.  I wrote a post 3 months ago discussing How to have peace as a Christian blogger.  I was surprised at the number of Christian bloggers that had also felt discouragement or questioned their purpose at times blogging about their faith.

So this post is my heartfelt reminder to help both myself and other Christians be the Ambassador for Christ that He desires.  In the Bible dictionary, an Ambassador  is defined as a representative of a King.   Christ is our eternal King and we have a tremendous responsibility and privilege to represent Him each day.

I want to share with you 5 things that we can do that will help us in being effective ambassadors for Christ.

Surrender to God’s Will

I accepted Christ as my Savior as a very young child in my bedroom of our beautiful old house in Iowa overlooking mom’s vegetable garden and an orchard of walnut trees.  However, it was not until just a few years ago that I realized I needed to seek God’s will for my life.  So how can we know God’s will? How can we have certainty that we are fulfilling everything that God intended?

Study God’s word Daily

Notice I said “study” instead of just reading God’s word? I had read the Bible for many years growing up and I even knew most of the books of the Bible in order.  However, God’s word was not imprinted on my heart.   When we study His word, we look up things we do not understand, memorize verses that can help us in times of crisis, and we seek to know what God is saying to us from His word.

Step up our Prayer Life

I was confused for many years by the verse in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. The apostle Paul insists that we should pray without ceasing. Pray without ceasing…do my eyes need to be closed all the time?   It did not make sense to me.  I now understand that God wants us to have a constant attitude of prayer. Prayer builds our relationship with God as we humbly call out to Him.  Here are some of the prayers I want to pray each day. Pray without ceasing

  • Prayers of thanks and awe as we awaken to see a new sunrise in the morning. (Psalm 19:1)
  • Prayers of repentance as we seek to be more like Him each day.(1 John 1:9)
  • Prayers for wisdom and grace for whatever we may encounter each day.(James 1:5)
  • Prayers of praise for all He has done and the sacrifices He made for us.(John. 3:16)

When we spend time studying God’s word and consistently have an attitude of prayer; the fruit of the Spirit reveals itself in our lives as we represent the King of kings. This leads me to the fourth way we can be an effective ambassador for Christ.

Seek ways to Help Others

I must admit that for many years I struggled with selfishness.  As a baby, I probably said the word “mine!” before saying mommy or daddy much to the chagrin of my parents!  It is a struggle at times but as representatives of Jesus we need to put others first. We should ask God to show us how we can be a blessing.  It may be a financial blessing, words of encouragement, someone who needs prayer, or giving of your time to help.

So then, while we have the opportunity let us do good to all people, and especially to those that are of the household of faith.” Galatians 6:10

Share our Story of Faith

Whatever the current situation, God is not surprised at all by our current circumstances.  He has us right here at this point in history to glorify Him!  Just like snowflakes and fingerprints, every Christian is unique.  Even though we may or may not have similar experiences, only you can share the story of your faith.

As Ambassadors for Christ; we must share the truth of God’s unchanging and unconditional love.  Share how He continues to work in our lives transforming us.  Share about the blessings He showers us with every day!

In closing, I want us to always remember we are chosen by the King to represent Him. With Christ living in us we are more than capable to accomplish His purpose, producing a vivid impression of who He is, and available to serve Him willingly.    Let’s live each day effectively for Jesus my fellow Ambassadors!

To God be the glory,

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22 thoughts on “How to be an Effective Ambassador for Jesus”

  1. This is great encouragement, Horace. 5 solid steps to living effectively for Christ! We can serve as his ambassadors through writing, through serving, helping, encouraging, giving. So many ways, but these 5 steps are crucial

    • Amen Betsy! Thanks for visiting and your comment. I agree,once these core steps become a habit for us as Christians. Our representation of Christ will shine through vividly in our service for Him. Blessings to you and may you and yours have wonderful weekend!

  2. Horace, I admit it wasn’t until recently I considered my blog a ministry. It is the platform on which I stand to proclaim the good news of Jesus. Thank you for your insights on how to be an effective ambassador of our great King. : )

    • Amen Crystal! I am humbled and thankful for the opportunity and the ability that the Lord has blessed me with to share the good news of the gospel. Thank you for welcoming me to share each week at #Intentional Pursuing. Enjoy your time at Christian Writers Conference and continued blessings to you and yours my friend!

  3. Loved the thoughts. Yes, pray and study the Bible! As long as I have been a Christian, I am always finding some new or forgotten tidbit! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for the visit Debbie. Yes I love when find something new or even a forgotten reminder in God’s word. What an amazing responsibility to be an Ambassador for Jesus! I want to glorify Him in everything I do. Thanks again for visiting and may god bless you and yours in all your endeavors

  4. “Effective” ~ great word to dig into, Horace. I’m nodding my head in agreement that this “little” world of blogging has become a large ministry – to me. When I thought I was there to simply read, Christ reached further into my heart through ministry in the words of various bloggers. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? It’s really quite amazing. Continue writing, Horace, continue lifting the name of Jesus. There’s a world yet to hear. Blessings!

    • Thanks Kristi for visiting and words of encouragement. Yes it is definitely an awesome blessing when you see God working in your life while directing your path! I am determined to persevere in my writing as I trust God to develop me as both a writer and a Christian. Thanks again for the visit. Blessings to you and yours!

  5. I think we could all do better at seeking ways to help those we see on street corners with signs. I recently saw a post on Facebook where a man came into Chick Fil a asking for scraps and the manager offered a free meal if he would pray with him. What if we all kept a cooler with water bottles and snacks and prayed with those we hand them out to?

    • What a great story Michelle. Thanks for sharing. Yes,I agree when we first offer tangible help to others in need of Christ’s love, they will be more likely to listen to us and accept the unconditional love of Christ. Thank you for your visit and may God richly bless you and yours in all your endeavors. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Horace, thank you for this encouragement! I want to be an effective ambassador for the Lord. One thing I have started doing before leaving the house to go off is praying and asking the Lord to give me the strength to keep my testimony while out and the opportunity to share Him with someone. Thank you for sharing this with Thankful Thursdays. I’m pinning and sharing it on my personal FB page.

    • Wow…thank you for sharing Lori! It’s funny…you just never know when you sit down to write a post if it is going to impact anyone other than yourself. I remind myself that I write to glorify God first. I so am blessed that you were encouraged. It sounds like you have a great plan for when you leave the house. If your site is any indication, I’m sure you are a great testimony for Christ! Thanks for the opportunity to share at Thankful Thursdays, I am truly blessed by what you do over there. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  7. Hello, Horace! As always, it’s a pleasure to have you linked with us at Grace & Truth. I appreciate the admonition you’ve shared here. Each Christ-follower is His ambassador – what a sobering, thrilling responsibility! May He grant us the grace to walk worthy of such a calling.

  8. Amen, Horace. So glad it’s not about us…and so glad He’s faithful to remind us when we forget. He’s so worthy. I like that verse. Such an honor to be an ambassador for Him. 🙂 ((blessings))

  9. That scripture was poignant.

    It’s so hard to remember that we are making a difference as bloggers, especially when we can’t see those that are encouraged behind the screen on the other side of the world/nation.

    This helps me push forward during this season when I’m feeling quite discouraged. Thank you!

    • Be encouraged Elaine. Keeping your eyes on Jesus can be difficult at times but always remember that He is in control. He knows your heart and that you love Him. Keep pressing forward and He will encourage your heart and give you the strength you need to thrive in everything you do. Have a blessed week!

    • Elaine I need you to continue blogging for the sake of our KING JESUS it is my hearts desire to blog, and be that effective Ambassador, as I become who JESUS has ordained me to be. Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard what the Lord is about to do in this season. I am 38 years old a other of 3 boys. On January 19, 2017 I heard the Holy Spirit say go back to school, I was obedient and today I am proud to say I am now a high school graduate to GOD be all the glory!!! I desire to be a counselor in the ministry of the Lord from blogs, speaking and an effective fruitful ambassador. Horace thank you for being fruitful…

      • That is great news Maria! I know that God will continue to guide you on your journey as you seek Him. Glad to read you took an obedient road of faith. Thank you for sharing. Have a fantastic weekend and May God continue to bless you and yours.


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