Thank you for visiting my author website! Let me tell you a little about me. My name is Horace Williams Jr.  I am a single Christian man who loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all his heart. I am also the oldest of five siblings; I have two amazing brothers and two godly, beautiful sisters.

In 2010, I suffered a life-changing stroke that could have taken my life. My entire left side was paralyzed at the time due to a blood vessel rupturing in my brain. However, God has given me a second chance, and I desire to glorify Him with everything I do. My love for Christ grows deeper every day. I want to share my testimony of faith with others. I pray you will find help, inspiration, and are encouraged during your visit here.

I love writing immensely and enjoy helping others, so that is the main reason for this website. I want to encourage, enlighten, and even educate you by sharing what I have learned through all the pain and my daily struggles to live a fruitful Christian life. I will share with you; inspiring life lessons, bible study revelations, and scripture verses that encourage me each day and night throughout my rehabilitation. Visit the blog for my most recent articles and posts here. Or you can listen to my podcast for some inspiring thoughts as well. Also, I have written and published an award-winning book on prayer! It’s titled,  Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Life: A Power that Transforms Lives. I encourage you to check it out- you can read a free chapter here. It’s my prayer that you, too, will be inspired as you read.

I thank God for the inspiration to write this book on prayer. He has encouraged me to write another Christian inspirational book titled, The Furnace of Affliction: How God Uses Our Pain and Suffering for His Purpose. Lord willing, it will publish in the Fall of 2020. If you’d like to receive updates on the new book, sign up here.

Thanks again for visiting today. I would love for you to return. You are welcome to visit my Private Prayer Page. Your prayer requests come directly to me. I will pray for you and reply as quickly as I can so that you know someone is praying for and with you. Be well and God bless.

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