Welcome, friends! I’m Horace Williams, Jr. I’m a stroke survivor and a multi-award-winning author. Through God’s grace, I’ve been able to put this fantastic website together to share the word of God, and give you insights, hope, and inspiration.

This website is for sharing between you and me. A place where you can share in the grace of God’s word, ask for prayers, download resources to help you on your journey through life with God, and also watch and journey with me, as well.

Many of you are joining me from my previous blog, PleasingtothePotter.com. As I grow as an author, I thought it was essential to establish an author presence on the web, as well. So here we are! (You can visit with me here either way via my name, HoraceWilliamsJr.com or pleasingtothepotter.com)

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Thanks again for joining me on this path called “life.” It’s my prayer that your heart is encouraged as we seek to grow closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

In God’s love,


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