Amazing Power of God: Do You want it in Your Life?

Helpless.What a discouraging word this can be. No one wants ever to feel helpless. Don’t we all want to experience God’s amazing power in our lives?

Think back to those times where you have experienced that feeling.  Did you well up with tears and cry your eyes out when feeling helpless?

Maybe you picked up the phone and called a close friend, or searched the refrigerator for your favorite ice cream? Oh, boy, do I miss my butter pecan ice. cream! (The salted caramel flavor is the best!)

Remember this, my friend. You have access to God’s amazing power via prayer.

I cherish prayer. Do you know why? It’s because I now realize who I have the privilege of conversing with daily. Almighty God. The Creator of heaven and earth. The one who loved me so much that He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for my sins. Not only did Jesus die for me, but God raised him from the dead! That same power that raised Jesus from the tomb with a transformed body lives within us! If you belong to Christ, the Holy Spirit resides with you, my friend! Speaking of friends…

My sister in Christ, Kelly R Baker, recently read my book on the power of prayer. She asked me to be a part of a blog series on the Power of God and to share how you have access to God’s amazing power via prayer.

Amazing Power of God

You can read more about God’s power by visiting her site here, and I pray you are blessed by what the other authors and myself share in this series.


In Christ,


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10 thoughts on “Amazing Power of God: Do You want it in Your Life?”

  1. Visiting from Purposeful Faith and the power of prayer is amazing! I love the scriptures you share!

  2. Horace, what a great post you shared at Kelly Baker’s place! I am always encouraged by that verse in James. Knowing Elijah was just like us, one with strengths and weaknesses, and God answered his prayers . . . that’s hope-infusing for this sometimes-struggling woman. 🙂

    Great post!

    • Hello Jeannette. So glad to read that you enjoyed this post. I too love that scripture from James about Elijah. Like you said it is such a message of hope. We have the same access to God’s power. I hope you have a great week and may God bless you and yours.

    • Thank you Crystal for the opportunity to share at Heart Encouragement. I am grateful that Kelly reached out to me to write about this after reading my book on prayer. We have access to God’s power, all we have to do is seek Him. He wants to hear from us. Thank you for visiting here today. Always a blessing to hear from you, friend. Have an amazing weekend and God bless.

  3. I love how you take us back to our source connecting power to prayer. So often we want to complain about feeling weak but if we are honest, we are neglecting our prayer life. Thanks for sharing:)

    • Amen Gretchen. That is so true. We must continue to foster our relationship with God. Prayer is an avenue where we can experience His power. Thank you for visiting today. Have a wonderful week and God bless!


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