SuperMoms: Strong Smart and So Amazing!

I attempt to be consistent when it comes to writing blog posts for my website. However, it is so exciting when something happens to me throughout my day, and during that experience, ideas for an article begin seeping into my head!  I want to share a short story with you about something that happened that imprinted on me the importance of supermoms.

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Me a Babysitter?

Two weeks ago my sister called me and wanted to know if  I would mind watching my nephew while she and his sister went over to my Mother’s house for a  quick little birthday party/prayer meeting.  I must admit, it did not take long for me to agree.  I reasoned to myself that he is 9 years old going on 10 in a few months and it’s only for a couple of hours.

She is dropping him off around five o’clock in the evening.  So now I begin to wonder I need to cook something?  My wrist is in a brace and my options are limited.  I have been unable to get to the store for a few days.  Do I prepare my regular meal?  I hate to give my nephew chicken and broccoli!  Even though I love it; I want to be the “cool” uncle and not serve him that! I don’t have any kid-friendly snacks here.  Now my head begins to hurt just thinking about it.  What have I gotten myself into?

My sister texts me they’re on the way.  Now I’m more than a little anxious.  I want my nephew to enjoy his time here with me.  He is so smart, very talented, and, he loves his uncle Horace.   He has been praying for my left side to heal almost every night since my stroke.  I cannot disappoint him!  I open the door and my sister and my nephew come inside.  He looks at me and smiles the biggest smile like he just saw Santa.  My heart melts like hot butter on a stack of pancakes!  I really love my nephew!

Relief provided by a Supermom

Good news; my sister prepared something for him to eat that we can warm up and she even brought a  juice box for him too!  Hallelujah… I should have remembered that Supermoms are usually prepared for anything!    I begin to relax a little then comes the unexpected news.   She mentions on her way out the door that she has not let him watch TV all day because she was sure that he would watch it tonight with Uncle Horace.  Uh-oh, I thought this was only for a couple of hours?

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Access Tunnel of Peace-Accept God’s Amazing Love

Accepting God’s amazing love.  Hmm..sometimes easier said than done.  We know in our mind that God loves us.  We sang the song as a child in Sunday School..”Jesus loves me this I know..”.  We hear  Pastors preach about God’s love all the time. Nevertheless, what about right now?  When we are feeling frustrated, hurting, or …

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God is The True Master Chef!

God is The Master Chef!  The past weekend I had an opportunity to watch episodes of my favorite cooking shows on the Food Network that I had taped on DVR,; Iron Chef America and Chopped.  These are cooking competition shows between chefs.  The premise of these shows is that competing chefs must making fabulous dishes …

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Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?


Why does God allow pain and suffering?  As I mention on my “About me” page,  I was so confused every night as I lay in the hospital bed having suffered a massive stroke in the summer of 2010.  This is the question that I asked myself as I lay with my entire left side paralyzed in the hospital bed every night.  I was terrified, worried, and upset.

While going through the shock and denial of it all, I finally began to understand that there was a reason God allowed the stroke to occur. I know it sounds crazy but the stroke was the best thing that happened in my life!  I want to share with you 5 specific reasons that I God allows pain and suffering in our lives all of which I’ve experienced. I pray it will be encouraging and also a help to yourself or loved one when they are suffering.Why does God allow Pain and Suffering

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Thank You Jesus!

 Today my heart is so full of thanks.  I am humbled from all the blessings in my life.  Yes there are trials, disappointments, and the temptation to worry at times but the Holy Spirit within me encourages so much each day.  Here a just some of the things I am thankful for. I am so …

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