This page is a variety of my favorites.  Current interests, and favorite books I’ve read recently or plan to read.  I will also share links to some of my favorite websites I find useful or helpful.  Whatever I feel like at the moment!

Websites I Love

They go through  the bible in its  entirety in one year!  In 2014 year they  did it chronologically which was so helpful and enlightening.  They also share history and archaeology  from bible times that increases your knowledge about  the Bible history.  Their TV show is called Quick Study on NRB (National Religious Broadcasting) network.  Check it out!!

Becky Mansfield from Your Modern Family and Paula Rollo from Beauty through Imperfection were the first bloggers I reached out to when I started blogging! They gave me some honest feedback and suggestions to improve what I was doing   They now have a combined website in addition to their individual blogs. The focus of their website is  to help you take your blog to the next level.

These are two very busy and successful bloggers so the time they made for me has special meaning in my blogging journey! They also manage a Facebook group you can join as well. You will get help, answers to blogging questions, and advice you need to develop your blog into what you want it to be.   Invaluable resource for any blogger!

This website is run by Kirsten Oliphant.  Her specialties are podcasts and building your email list.  The reason I am a fan of Kirsten is her willingness to help you in your writing endeavors based on her past mistakes and successes.  She has become someone whose word I value.  Her podcasts are funny, informative, and extremely useful. My email list has not only grown but is now more of my monthly newsletters are opened and my click-thrus have increased dramatically!

Fabulous website with all types of exercises to sharpen your brain skills.  Fun online games that help with developing, enhancing your attention, speed processing information, improving problem solving skills, flexibility and multi-tasking.  Great for all ages!

Love this site!  you can find your favorite cook/chef and get some of their recipe ideas.  It is also just a good place to go if you wake up one Saturday and want to make blueberry pancakes.  When you do a recipe search there will be several different recipes from different chefs, preparation ideas, etc.  I use it a lot to just get the basic ingredients and then “make it my own”!

You can look up any passage in the bible.  If you’re not sure of the verse, you can type in a few words or a topic and it will give you a list of verses to choose from.  There are devotionals.  Also they have a all the different translations available so you can see God’s word in different bible translations. A terrific website!

Favorite Books I’ve read recently,reading currently, or hope to read:

Answers to Questions About Adversity by David Jeremiah.

233 pages of Questions and Answers on topics like:God’s Answers, Personal Battles, Depression & Anxiety,Immorality, and Self-Control.   I am enjoyed this book immensely!   (Loving this book!  Got slowed down with the move but was able to finish.)  His website is

At the Throne of Grace’ by John MacArthur.

  This book is awesome!  It is a book of prayers  from bible.   I get chills every time I read it.  This is definitely a must have!  Here is a link to his ministry website, Grace to you

Lord change my Attitude by James McDonald.

 I am reading this book currently and I love it.  It is definitely helping me as I go through this sanctification transformation.  Today I read about contentment and how Godliness and contentment leads to great gain in your life.  There’s a recap and questions at end of each chapter along with a prayer.  Here is link to his ministry website, James MacDonald

God has a Plan for Your Life’ by Dr. Charles F. Stanley.

Love this is based from the passage in Jeremiah 29:11 where God promises a…” future and a hope.” Here is link to his ministry website, In Touch ministries

I WANT MORE by Dr. Robert Jeffress.

 Excellent book that gives instruction on a deeper relationship with God. Focus on allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to be released in our lives.

The MacArthur Daily Bible.

 In my desire to know God better after recommitting my life to Christ, I wanted to read through the entire bible.  This bible has everything laid out for you by date.  Each day is organized so you read a chapter or so from the Old Testament, then there are a few verses in the middle from Psalms and Proverbs, and then finish the day with a chapter or so in the New Testament.
There are details throughout the readings of some passages to explain a verse.  At the end of each daily read there is a more detailed explanation of a particular segment you read that day.  It may explain who the person was who wrote the particular passage or go into more detail about what they said.  I have read this through in 2013-2015 and I am using again in 2016…just to make sure I did not miss anything!   Also keeps me consistent in God’s word

Understanding Financial Stewardship’ by Charles Stanley.

 I finished this workbook in March 2015 and I highly recommend it!  The advisement and direction from Dr. Stanley is based on God’s principles from the Bible.  Here are some of the titles of chapters in this book.  Money and your Faith, The Role of Work, Deliverance from Debt, The Source of your Prosperity…Just to name a few. He teaches the difference between God’s prosperity and wealth.  It has totally transformed how I read and understand the Bible.  I definitely am refocusing my priorities in life.  Please read this book!

2 thoughts on “Favorites”

  1. I found you on Pinterest! I was cautiously reading your blog. I scanned your story , the 7 verses on and on. When I looked through your movies I smiled. Then I read your lists of books and knew I’d found a dear brother in Christ. Our God is so good never wanting to harm us as he lovingly guides us to a closer relationship with him. A verse I’m trying to slowly memorize now is Isaiah 12:2

    Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord, the Lord himself,is my defense;he has become my salvation. NIV
    Our time is short, I believe he is coming soon. Good job don’t grow weary.
    What a pleasant surprise to see that you are a Pats fan!

    • Thanks for visiting Jacqueline. I am glad to read you enjoyed your visit here today. I hope you will return. Yes I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I love my Lord and Savior and I am thankful for His sacrifice. Because of His sacrifice, I can accept His gift of salvation. Hallelujah! Thanks again for stopping by. Have a fantastic holiday weekend and blessings to you and yours. Go Patriots!


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