7 Divine Evidences of a Devoted Christian

In my last post, I shared with you some of the destructive character traits that I battle with as a type-A personality over the years as a Christian. Based on some of the responses I received, I am not alone in struggling with anxiety and worry impatience and being aloof as to how these traits can affect those around me negatively.

However, in your daily walk as a Christian, you always have hope in Jesus. I began to share with you last time how my personality traits have started to transform over the past seven years since my stroke. So without delay, I want to share with you seven divine pieces of evidence of a devoted Christian.7 Divine Evidences of a Devoted Christian

These type D personality traits, when fostered in God’s strength, will give you peace, direction, and confidence in you are in Christ. 

Divine Evidence #1-Dying to Self.

The devoted Christian must first be willing to surrender everything to God. You are committing to each day to put God first in everything you do to honor him. In Luke 9:23, Jesus instructs that if anyone is to follow Him, they must take up their cross daily and follow Him.

Now that you are a child of the King, Jesus wants you to obey Him willingly.  Whatever your role may be, whether it’s a schoolteacher, homemaker, or even a pastor, you must first be willing to be obedient to Christ. Doing so means putting His will above your desires.

If anyone wishes to come after me, let him deny himself and take up His cross daily and follow Me. (Luke 9:23) kjv

It’s Gonna Take Courage


Not only are we to be obedient Christians, but this also addresses the type A personality thorn of trying to please others. Everything we do should bring honor to God. This leads me to another critical evidence of a devoted Christian.

Divine Evidence #2-Determined Courage

To live obediently for Christ’s glory takes courage. All through scripture, God has blessed us with examples of determined courage. How about Noah when God instructed him to build an ark that was three times the size of a football field? Noah and his family had never seen rain before, and yet they made the ark as God commanded.

Remember Daniel and his steadfast courage to continue praying to Almighty God despite king Darius’s decree not to pray to other gods? Daniel faced 30 days in the lion’s den, and yet he prayed three times a day with his window open! [clickToTweet tweet=”Determined courage trains your mind to be dependent on God.” quote=”Determined courage cultivates your mind to be dependent on God.”] Courage challenges you to walk forward in faith trusting in the Savior who rescued your soul.


Devoted Christian

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9)

Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord. (Psalm 27:14)

A Devoted Christian has Determined Courage

Whether God has called you to do something you feel unqualified to do– forcing you out of your comfort zone. He instructs you to wait for His direction. It takes courage to live obedient for Christ. As you walk with determined courage, something else is taking place in your mind that you may not even realize. This leads us to the third divine evidence of a devoted Christian.


Stronger Faith

Divine Evidence #3-Developing Faith

This evidence can be one of the most difficult for every Christian, including myself. As I shared in an article on faith earlier this Summer, your faith develops via trials, tests, and temptations. I look back and remember everything God has brought me through since the stroke, but I struggle mightily at times in my weakness.

The pain and trials I encounter send me into the arms of my Savior as I seek His comfort and wisdom.   As your faith in Jesus continues to develop, you may never get the answers you seek, but God asks you to trust Him. Look at Abraham, the patriarch of God’s children. God instructed him to leave his family and move to a foreign land.   Later, He then promised he and his wife, Sarah, a son when they were well past the years of having children.

They both struggled as their faith was tested when they jumped ahead of God’s plan.   There were consequences for that sin, but then years later, Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Issac per God’s command. Then God stepped in and said to Abraham,Do not stretch out your hand against the lad, and do nothing to him, for now I know that you fear God, for you have not withheld your son, your only son from Me.” (Genesis 22:12)

You may not understand what God is doing in your life at this very moment. However, I do know this; He is developing your faith as He prepares you for what lies ahead. The life of a devoted Christian is not an easy one, but it is the best life you can have when your sole purpose is to live for Him.   He wants what is best for you, and He knows everything that lies in the path on your journey called life.

And without faith it is impossible to believe Him, for he that comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder to those that diligently seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6)

I want to share with you a passage of scripture that I have memorized over the past few years. I keep a copy of this scripture in my daily reading bible to keep it fresh in my mind as I begin each day. Please write this passage down and remember it when your faith is tested.

But resist him firm in your faith knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world. After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to your eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, strengthen, and establish you. (1 Peter 5:9-10) 

Right Where God Wants You

This divine evidence is an ongoing process for every Christian. Always remember God will never impart more on you than He knows you can bear in Him. He is with you through the refining fire, and you will come out like a most glorious vessel for Him.

Divine evidence #4-Dedicated to Serve 

When I was younger, service to God was something I had no desire to do at all!  Service to me meant going far away to Africa and running from lions while dodging the spears of the natives.   I fought to live in service with every fiber of my being.

You can serve God right where you are. God has you exactly where He wants you, and He has been preparing you to serve Him. Service is about obedience and surrender. Do you desire God’s will for your life, or are you still hanging on to what YOU want? You can serve him in your employment, in your home with your family, or even in the church.

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than men. (Colossians 3:23)

God has blessed each one of His children with gifts, talents, and abilities to utilize for His glory. For myself, I have always wanted to write since the 9th grade. My first published work was a romantic poem about being in love for the first time and the emotions involved. I have always loved the passion of poetry and how it makes you feel when you read it.

However, God now uses my writing to encourage, enlighten, and hopefully inspire readers to know Christ deeper. The best feeling in the world is to be in the center of God’s will. When your life is dedicated to serving God, you are not seeking to please others but to live your life for Christ.

So let me ask you this? Are any of these divine pieces of evidence visible in your life? Ponder this carefully before I continue. I plan to share with you the final three divine pieces of evidence next time. I pray you will look inside and ask yourself where you are in experiencing these pieces of evidence of a devoted Christian. Being a devoted Christian is about your walk with God. It is an ongoing process, but when you take your eyes off Him– that is when those type-A personality traits can show up!   Until next time.


In Christ,

Devoted Christian






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24 thoughts on “7 Divine Evidences of a Devoted Christian”

  1. Determined courage and service stood out to me, Horace. Courage is one big battle for this gal. Oh, to a Joshua! And service, you hit the nail on the head. The opportunity often sits right where we are.

    • Hello Kristi. Thanks for stopping by. Determined Courage is a necessity for every Christian. Spiritual warfare is real, and God instructs to be courageous in faith. Hr will empower us to accomplish His will. Always a blessing to hear from you, friend. Have a fantastic weekend and may God bless you and yours in all your endeavors.

  2. Such truth, Horace: “It takes courage to live obedient for Christ.” It helps to remind myself that courage is not the absence of fear but of following God’s lead.
    Sweet blessings to you, friend!

    • Amen Crystal. I had to learn that myself. Courage does not mean I never experience fear, but I am determined to move forward in faith trusting my Savior, Jesus. That is determined courage. Thank you for the visit sweet friend. Have a wonderful weekend and blessings to you as well.

    • Amen Debbie. I’m sensing a post on determined courage may be something I need to expound on in the future;) There are so many scriptures where God is reminding us to be strong and have courage. He is not saying that to pass the time. He tells us this because He already knows what we are going to be facing. I’m glad to read you were encouraged by this. Thank you for stopping by today. Have a terrific weekend my friend, and may God continue to bless you and yours.

  3. Horace, I appreciated so much the insights you shared here regarding the divine evidences of a devoted Christian.

    I liked especially your insight for “determined courage”. I found your words and the accompanying Scripture verses very encouraging.

    And developing Faith is hard. I am going through a season right now of many trials, particularly related to my health, and I can find myself worrying and murmuring. It’s interesting that I chose this year to read Streams in the Desert because most of the devotions deal with God’s purposes for our trials and how in the end, we will see God’s perfect purpose for it to enhance our walk of faith not deter from it.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thank you for the visit Karen. It is always great to hear from you. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Streams in the desert is an excellent source for encouragement as you go through your difficulties. I hope your health takes a turn for the better. Saying a prayer for you. Be encouraged. God will bring you through. Be well friend and God bless.

  4. Horace, I love the quote, “Determined courage cultivates your mind to be dependent on God”. There is
    so much truth in it. It takes determination and courage to depend on God. Developing our faith
    is a life long journey because each and every day there is something that chips away at our faith and
    if we are not determined to keep it, we will lose it – quickly. I’m adding I Peter 5:9-10 to my notecard
    in my Bible. Thank you for this reminder!

    • I’m so glad to read you enjoyed this post my friend. Lori, you are so right about developing our faith. It is a lifelong journey. With God on our side we can live determined, and courageously walk in faith. Thanks for stopping by. It is always encouraging to hear from you. Have a fantastic weekend and God bless you and your family.

    • Amen Michele! I am right there with you. I am so glad you enjoyed this post. I hope you will join me for the final 3 divine evidences of a Devoted Christian. It is always so great to hear from you. Have a wonderful week and God bless.

    • Hang in there Robin. God is with you. Continue to trust Him faithfully, and He will strengthen your courage as you take those steps of faith. Thank you for visiting today. I hope you have a wonderful week and God bless.

  5. Horace,
    I’m another Type A working to become a Type D 🙂 Praying God’s grace to wash over our quick-acting independence and turn it into trust.
    Praying you’re blessed and refreshed today!
    ~Sherry Stahl

    • Amen Sherry! We a works in progress, but we are in the hands of the Master Potter. He is continuing to mold us to be more like Christ. Thank you for the visit and your prayers. Have fantastic week and may God bless you and yours.

    • Hello Angie and thanks for visiting. I love to welcome newcomers to pleasingtothepotter.com.. What an interesting comment you share. Being a devoted Christian is not about telling someone. It is about how you live your life each day. That does not mean everything is perfect, but is does mean you keep your eyes on Christ in spite of the trials and tests you will face. You spend time in God’s word and you commit yourself to living a life that glorifies Him. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I hope you will visit here again soon. Have a fantastic week and God bless.

    • Thank you Kelly for your encouragement and your support. I am beyond thankful that God has empowered and inspired me to share my faith. I’m excited to see where He leads. Always great to hear from you, friend. Have a fantastic week and may God continue to bless you and yours.


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