God, my word from You in the New Year is what?!

Ahhh, here we are. A New Year!  Can you believe we have survived the past twelve months and are here to speak about it?   I’ve seen mentions everywhere of things like a “fresh start”, what’s your plan?, and the dreaded have you made your “resolutions?”

What are your goals as the clock spins into January?   I admit, I used to be so excited at the thought of a New Year. Resolutions, projections, and goals were at the forefront of my mind the minute I had put away my Christmas presents.God my from you for the New Year is what?!In December 2014 things changed for me.  I no longer am expected to project sales figures and set up marketing goals for my team. I was out of a job. Fired from a successful career that I had put my heart and soul into for almost 10 years. However, God, in is His infinite wisdom, led me to create a blog to share my testimony of faith and transformation.  My Savior continues to bless me as He transforms my heart and my life.

In fact, through this incredible writing process, I have met some of the most the amazing, talented, and giving bloggers, and writers. Their willingness to share what they have learned from experience is refreshing.  Their desire to help and encourage continues to inspire me.

Most importantly, there is one specific thing that has dramatically changed how I approach each year.  I was introduced to the process of seeking a word from God every year by bloggers I consider friends or follow.  I had never heard of this before and I was skeptical at first, so I began to pray. I had some ideas but, one morning last December, the Lord gave me a word…COMMIT?  Commit? God, commit to what? I’m a single man. What or whom exactly am I committing to?

I wrote a post last January about my unexpected revelation and my desire to stay committed to God’s leading. It was one of my more popular posts of the year. Looking back, I understand God’s desire to bring my commitment to the forefront.

In March of last year, I was troubled and affected by the horrific headlines, news stories, and prayer requests I received, God instructed me to write a book on prayer. A what? Where do I begin?  My heart was so heavy with the mass shootings and bombings. Maybe…just maybe I could write something to help, encourage, and remind Christians of the power we have in prayer.  All hope is not lost when our hope is in Jesus Christ.

God continued to bring people alongside me to help, support, and encourage me throughout the book writing process. Some of whom I may never meet in person until I see them in Heaven one day. Despite serious health issues, distressing bouts of discouragement and doubt, one word always reverberated in my head, Commit.

I was getting anxious as my prayer book was set to launch in December and I had not started to pray about a new word from God. After the book launched, I was hopeful of hearing a word from God so I went to “our special place” to talk with Him. I bowed my head and began to pray. Before the last syllable from, “Dear Heavenly father” had left my mouth, I heard a word from God!

PATIENCE…. was the word I heard from God in the quietness of that moment. Patience? I raised my head and looked around. Patience God really? I bowed my head and thought to myself , let’s pray some more to be sure, and it was all about patience.  I knew it was not a word I had chosen because I tend to have the patience of a roadrunner!  I was like okay God, let me think about this one.

I then opened my bible to continue my devotions and much to my amazement, well I’ll let you read.  Here are excerpts from some of the scriptures that just “happened” to be in my reading that day:

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. (John 10:27)

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. (Psalm 37:7) 

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him. Psalm 37:7I chuckled to myself as I read those verses. I said with a smile, “Okay Lord, I hear You, my word from You is patience.” I shared the story with a Christian friend and we had a good laugh. I said this will be another Christmas miracle as the Lord teaches me patience. I have seen God work in my life in amazing ways, so I will trust Him in the New Year.

Unfortunately, there is sometimes a stigma with the word patience.  We live in a society where waiting is looked down upon at times. We must always be on the go, go, go. I have some verses that I want to commit (there’s that word again;) to memory to help me exude patience this year. I know this will be a process for myself. I may not understand everything and I’m sure there will be moments, maybe even days of frustration, but I want to have patience.

Here are the scriptures I plan to and I hope you will carry them close to your heart in the New Year.   These are true treasures from God’s word.

Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they shall walk and not get weary. (Isaiah 40:31)

That was a verse I’d memorized years ago, but it had not transferred to my heart.   As you approach your plans for this year, remember to wait on the Lord. Allow Him to strengthen you for the tasks that lie ahead. Welcome His renewing of your spirit as He infuses you with the courage to accomplish His will for your life.Those who wait on the Lord will gain new strength. Isaiah 40:31

Wait for the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord. (Psalm 27:14)

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13)

Some of these scriptures may be familiar to you and some may not, but I share them with you to imprint them in your heart as you journey through the New Year.   Here is another one of my new favorite verses I discovered last year while researching my book.

Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, devoted to prayer.” (Romans 12:12)

Poignant and powerful advice from the Apostle Paul. Easier said than done though. However, if we make this a practice each day, Jesus will work wonders in and through our lives. I want to leave you with a song of hope from the scriptures. A beautiful prayer of praise from King David.

I waited patiently for the Lord, and He head my cry. He brought me out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay, and He set my feet upon a rock, making my footsteps firm.  He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God.   Many will see and fear, and trust in the Lord. (Psalm 40:1-3)

Lord, thank You for giving me a word for this year.   It was an unexpected word but I am trusting You.  You are the Potter, and I am the clay. Mold me for Your glory. In Jesus’s name, I pray. Amen.

It is my sincere prayer for you as we begin a New Year, that you will seek God’s direction. Wait intently for His guidance while you seek to accomplish all that He desires for you in 2017! I would love to hear from you. Share with me in the comments…what is your word from God for the New Year?


Blessings to you and Yours,



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34 thoughts on “God, my word from You in the New Year is what?!”

  1. Horace, I think “patience” is a great word for 2017, especially in conjunction with the release of your new book (congrats on that, by the way)! I know people sometimes joke about how you shouldn’t pray for patience because then God will give you something to be patient about, but I’ve always found prayers for patience to be absolutely necessary and lifesaving! Thank you for sharing about how you came to choose your word, and also for all those wonderful verses you included. 🙂

    • Thank you Lois. I am excited to see God work in my life this year. I definitely want to have patience in regards to the book. I know God instructed me to write and I pray that He is glorified and all who read are blessed. May God bless you and yours in 2017.

  2. Ooh, patience is a brave choice, Horace. 🙂 But I know God will honor your choice and bless you through it! I’ll look forward to reading how He works this word in your life in 2017.

    • Thanks Lisa. I feel God choose this word for me and I have accepted it and will trust Him going forward. I look forward to sharing how patience works in my life this year. Blessings to you and yours in the New Year!

  3. Horace, even though “patience” gets a bad wrap (rap?) (I’ve never considered how that phrase was written before, 🙂 ) — it’s a great word. Patience to wait on God’s perfect way rather than pushing through our own agendas…that’s such a gift from God. Thanks for sharing your word. Still working out the details of mine, but I’ll be sharing it next week. 🙂 Happy New Year, Horace. — (And, I wanted to invite you to my new linkup that just launched today! Would love to see your friendly face and encouragement there!) Best to you in 2017. ((hug))

    • I agree Brenda; but for someone like myself, I will have to learn patience. I will acknowledge God in everything and seek His “perfect way” as you mentioned. I look forward to your word for the year. May God continue to bless you and yours in 2017!

  4. Oh Horace, I wouldn’t have picked the word “Patience” either! Used to pray for a different fruit of the Spirit each day, and on Thursdays God always gave me lots of opportunities to learn PATIENCE! May the Lord bless you and strengthen you as you wait on Him this year. May He bless your ministry and your book!

    • I see you can relate to my surprise Betsy! Yes, I am looking forward to watching God work in my life in 2017. I look at this as an opportunity to continue to grow in Him. Thank you for your sincere words of encouragement. It means a lot coming from you. I pray that God continues to bless all who read the book on prayer and that He is glorified. Blessings to you and your as you continue to serve our Savior in 2017!

  5. I’ve been praying for a word for a couple of weeks now and God gave it to me while reading this post. But first, I used to pray for patience when my kids were little but I learned that, for me, it was like praying for Calamity Jane to move in with me. I was blessed with LOTS of patience during that time! The word that jumped off the page to me was WAIT. I’ve been anxious for some things to happen, like now, but they are simply not. Many years ago, Psalm 40 was the passage that carried me through a divorce I didn’t want. But it was your graphic from Isaiah that gripped my soul today. Actually, that verse was my favorite song while growing up. It was the entire chorus. So I guess you’ll be patient and I’ll wait. Thank you, sir.

    • Welcome to pleasingtothepotter.com Bets. I am excited to read how this post spoke to you. That is the reason I write to help, encourage, and inspire people in Christ. Psalm 40 is a great passage of scriptures. I used the first three verses in my prayer book. It is my prayer that many will read of my examples of waiting on the Lord this year and will be inspired to trust Him. Thank you again for visiting today. Have a wonderful week and may God bless you as you wait on Him in 2017.

  6. Hi Horace
    Happy new year to you. Good luck with your book… and thank you for sharing your thoughts today. I’m not sure what my one word would be this year….I will have to ponder on that one and get back to you. My gut instinct say it is probably something like….HEALING…
    …after my daughter died a few months ago I feel like I am on a journey to heal my pained back/body and my pained emotions….
    Wishing you much patience in your year ahead and continued light and inspiration … Jx

    • So sorry for your indescribable loss Jade. Praying God’s blessing on you and yours. Thank you for the kind words and well wishes. It sounds like healing is a perfect word for you right now. God be with you . Continue to seek Him for comfort and God bless.

  7. Hi Horace, thank you for this inspiring post! Reading it got me thinking about what my word from the Lord for 2017 would be. This morning in my devotion time, He gave me the word: “Exercise.”
    It’s true I have been wanting to start exercising my body more…but the Lord showed me there is more to that word. Exercise is the Greek word, gumnazo, meaning: “to train, discipline, practice.” Spiritually, exercise is found in Acts 24:16 (KJV). By God’s grace, I am focusing on spiritual exercise for 2017. Thanks again, keep shining for Him!

    • Thank you for visiting today Julie. I glad to read this post got you thinking. It is so awesome when God reveals something to us! I love that you will be focusing on your exercise in a spiritual way. We must train ourselves to be prepared in serving our Lord. Thank you again for the visit. It was such a pleasure to “meet” you. Have a wonderful week and may God bless you in all your endeavors in 2017!

  8. Beautiful, Horace. I chuckled, too, when God confirmed His word for you through His Word. 🙂 I have found myself in that place so many times. God is gentle and kind … May you flourish this year as you display grace and patience in 2017!

    • Thank you Diane. I’m sure the look on my face was priceless when I heard that word from Him:) I have seen evidence of Him working in my life so I will trust Him wholeheartedly. I ask Him each morning to help me wait patiently for Him as I seek wisdom and direction. My desire is to be in the center of His will. Thank you for the visit. It is always a blessing to hear from you. Have a fabulous week and many blessings to you and yours in the New Year!

  9. Horace, I read eagerly as you shared your heart and your word for 2017! I am so excited to see what God is going to do next in you and through you. Your life is an encouragement. You are an encouragement. Thank you for sharing both with us!

    • Thank you for the kind words Deborah and for the visit. I too am excited to see how God is going to use me in 2017. I will wait patiently for His direction. I am blessed that you were encouraged as you read. Have a wonderful week and I pray many blessings for you in the New year.

  10. I’m looking forward to reading how God grows this fruit in your life, Horace. They say the more we pray for patience, the more opportunity to practice it God brings. His plans are good and whatever they are, I have no doubt they’re worth waiting for. Blessings to you, friend!

    • Haha Tiffany…the opportunities for patience have taken place already my friend:) I am trusting my Savior and His perfect timing. Always an encouragement to hear from you. Have a fantastic weekend and may God bless you and yours in 2017!

  11. Hi Horace,
    Honestly, until this year I could never settle into the “one word.” I’d pick one but never feel like I got it right. This year, however, it felt as though God hit me over the head with a word so I simply could not miss it! “Steady” is my word and I can tell you that in the first 15 days of January I have already whispered it to myself uncountable times! It’s my reminder to stop, lean into His steadiness, and just take the next step He has revealed.

    Thanks, friend, for sharing hope at #MomentsofHope! I so appreciate you and am so excited to see what God does through you this year!
    Blessings and smiles,

    • It’s a beautiful thing my friend when God speaks to us and most importantly that we listen. God will keep you steady in him Lori. Thank you for the opportunity to share. May God shower you and yours with a bounty of blessings in the New Year.

  12. As I read your newsletter today, & saw that you are faced with the possibility of another surgery, my heart went out to you! I just finished leaving a review for your book that I finished reading this month. It was truly a blessing to read more of your story, and to see how beautifully the Lord has used prayer in your life. I will be praying for you now, that the Lord will bring more of His healing to you, and that He continues the work of patience in your life. My word for this year is “Stillness” and already God has been speaking to me through His Word also! –Blessings!

    • Thank you Bettie for your prayers and for leaving a review of the book on Amazon as well. It brings me great joy to read that you enjoyed the book. I pray all who read are blessed. Have a fantastic week and may God bless you and yours in 2017.

    • Thank you Sarah for visiting and your words of encouragement. I am trusting my Savior with the word He has put on my heart. I want to continue to shine brightly for His glory. May God bless you and yours in 2017.

  13. Hi Horace,

    My word for 2017 is Perseverance. Keep Going. Today Satan Will Try To Stop You…..Keep Going. Fear Will Tell You To Give Up…..Keep Going. Doubt Will Produce Dark Clouds Over Your Future….Keep Going. Today You Might Just Feel Tired and Down…..Keep Going. Jesus said If you endure you win….It’s how you end and not how you begin…Keep Going. Jesus won at Calvary…..the race’s already run, just hold on until your lap is done….Keep Going. If you can only endure the hardship and pain, If you can only withstand the droughts and RAIN…Keep Going. If you can persevere when everyone lets you down, if you refuse to quit then you will get your CROWN…..Keep Going.
    Ecclesiastes 9:11, Matthew 24:13 -“the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong…But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved”

    Thank you for encouraging us all to be strong my good brother and praying for us all. I will pray that the Lord continues to stand with you and give you strength for the upcoming surgery.

    • That is a fantastic word for the year my brother. It does my heart good to read this comment from you. I can see how you are continuing to grow in the Lord. Thank you for your prayers and for the poem of inspiration. I love poetry. May you continue to persevere in the New Year as you seek God’s leading in your life, Dove. Have a fantastic week and may God bless you and yours in all your endeavors.

  14. Patience. How fun. Or not, because I tend to want to be on step two yesterday. I’ve heard tell not to pray for patience because God will answer your request with many opportunities. The joke is there, but maaaan how waiting can be so aggravating. Yet, if ever I have to be in a season of waiting, God showed me that there is preparation involved. That’s encouraging. I guess I brought that up because patience in waiting go hand-in-hand, so maybe that will be an encouragement to you, too.
    My word is TRUST. A bit of waiting there, too, and a whole lot of letting go of what I want to control while I let God have His way!
    Congratulations on your new book, Horace! I am so excited for you. Prayer is indeed powerful, and there’s no better words to pray than God’s. Seeing God be glorified through your life is a blessing. I pray for an increase in your ministry!

    • Yes this word will be an interesting challenge this year Kelly but I am going to “Trust” our Savior. I guess to be patient, there is a level of trust involved for sure. I saw how God worked in and through my life last year with “Commit”, so I am willing to rest in the Lord with patience in 2017 especially. I know He will show himself faithful because that is who He is. Thanks for stopping by today. It is always great to hear from you. Have a fantastic weekend and may God bless you and your in all your endeavors.


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